Micro-penis Enlargement

Micro-penis Enlargement

Via our Simplified Penile Enhancement, you can gain 2-3 inches more in length and diameter can be doubled. This surgery is a non-penile implant surgery and results are quite natural with minimal or no side effects. The procedure is done under local anesthesia with no hospital stay and is painless and blood-less. It is a walk in walk out surgery. You are mobile immediately after your surgery and you can have sex as soon as few days after surgery. Over 95% of our patients report increase in sex time, prolonged erection and highly desirable sex after penis enlargement.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I would like to discuss a case with exstrophy epispadias complex. The boy is 22 years old. Has erection , dribbling on ejaculation . The penile length on full erection is 2 inches only. Boy is under consultation of local urologist. A plastic surgery intervention is needed to deal with the issue of penile lengthening. Patient is worried about his future. Will he able to impregnate his spouse. He yet needs to get a sperm analysis done. But describes a thready sticky fluid on ejactulation. I can also provide pictures of the patient on further discussion. The patient explans that he has searched the web and have come across procedures like suspensory ligament cutting , penile prosthesis etc. Please advice and help the patient. The patient is a resident of karachi pakistan but has been visiting relatives in various cities of USA so is well off. Awaiting your response . Thanks


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