Hymenoplasty Odyssey

Hymenoplasty Odyssey

Some girls searching desperately for hymenoplasty are tempted by low cost and unfortunately usually end up with either poor results, failures or complications, after undergoing hymen repair from these clinics or individuals. We continue to see hymenoplasty failures from untrained gynecologists and so called plastic surgeons. It is our moral and ethical responsibility to warn patients to be very careful. You should search thoroughly the doctor’s experience in hymenoplasty, his/her qualifications, the technique of hymenoplasty going to be used, the various techniques of hymenoplasty practised by the doctor and most importantly the satisfied patients, who were treated by the doctor for hymenoplasty. Recently we saw skin grafts taken from thighs and abdomen inserted into the hymen to replace the damaged hymen in 2 cases, by a gynecologist, with complete hymenoplasty failures. In other cases, we have seen unnatural odd looking flaps taken from the vaginal wall to replace the hymen. There was easy detectability in these cases and fake appearance of hymen, with multiple ridges over the flaps. What an Odyssey ?

We have been doing hymenoplasty for the last 30 years. Dr.H.A.Khawaja, MD, Specialist Plastic Surgeon has pioneered over 100 hymenoplasty techniques. At CSSC International, the hymenoplasties are not only successful, but guaranteed. There is guarantee of virgin hymen and bleeding on first sex after hymenoplasty. All of our hymenoplasties are scarless and undetectable. If you desire more bleeding on your wedding night, we have hymenoplasty techniques that lead to more bleeding on your wedding night. Final results of our hymenoplasty are seen in 10-14 days, with our latest state of the art hymenoplasties. We offer Simplified, TSM, 3D, 7D,Ultra 7D, Millennium and other hymenoplasties.

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