Hymenoplasty Failure – Beware

Hymenoplasty Failure – Beware

We have recently received a number of patients who have been operated with a flap hymenoplasty. A thin membrane was created from one margin of vagina and a narrow hymen opening was created at the other end. While this not only leads to asymmetry of the hymen opening, the newly recreated membrane ruptured in a number of patients we saw recently in a few days after hymenoplasty or during the next periods, leading to a very wide gap and tears in the membrane. This lead to a very wide opening in the hymen and a narrow opening on one side. A number of ridges were seen going towards the small opening in the initial days before this rupture. In a number of patients, this rupture took place with normal or slow walking since this created a lot of stretch on the membrane with consequent rupture. While this is a technique, which can be easily detected by anyone aware of a little anatomy of this region, all hymenoplasties performed using this technique were un-successful. The attached pictures show the technique used and the consequent wide gap in hymen that took place even with no activity at all, leading to hymenoplasty failure.

We highly suggest all patients undergoing hymenoplasty to thoroughly search the competence of the surgeon and clinic performing this procedure. While it can cost you less, the outcome can be worse than before. If you need to arrange money, it is better to wait than to undergo faulty hymenoplasty techniques with worse outcomes.

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Dr. H. A. Khawaja
Specialist Plastic Surgeon.