Rhinoplasty ( Nose Job )

Simplified Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty ( Nose Job ) with us is done totally under Khawajas Rhinoplasty local anesthesia. Our pioneer Rhinoplasty procedures include Simplified Rhinoplasty, Transcutaneous Rhinoplasty, SNTL Rhinoplasty, Simplified Implant Rhinoplasty, Simplified Stitchless Rhinoplasty, Laser Rhinoplasty and others. Rhinoplasty is walk in walk out surgery at CSSC International +, with highly desirable results. Swelling is minimal as compared to conventional rhinoplasty under general anesthesia. Final results are seen in weeks as compared to conventional rhinoplasty, where you need to wait months or years for the final results.

Khawajas 10 minute Rhinoplasty

We have been doing Rhinoplasties for over 30 years. Our cosmetic surgeon, Dr.H.A.Khawaja has pioneered large number of simplified rhinoplasties in local anesthesia, in which there is minor swelling and results are very much quicker in days or weeks as compared to conventional rhinoplasties. You require an SNTL Khawajas Simplified Rhinoplasty. The procedure is done totally in local anesthesia in about 10-15 minutes, there is minimal swelling and there are no scars and no bandages. Final results are seen in about 3-4 weeks. Your nose becomes smaller, straighter or concave on the dorsum according to your wishes and your nasal tip becomes sharper. It is walk in walk out surgery, there is no bleeding and we have over 95% patient satisfaction rate with this technique. We have practised it for several years and it has been published worldwide in books like Simplified Cosmetic Surgery, Simplified Aesthetic Surgery, Simple Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery. The complication rate is 0%. As compared to conventional rhinoplasty in general anesthesia, where there is considerable swelling and final results are delayed for months or years, in this case the final results are seen in a few weeks. You are mobile immediately after your surgery and if you are from abroad, you can travel very safely after your surgery the same or next day.

Simplified Rhinoplasty

With conventional Rhinoplasty ( Nose Job ) techniques, there is considerable swelling afterwards and recovery is very much prolonged. Recovery of frontal ( soft part rhinoplasty ) can take from 6-8 months or more. In exceptional cases, it might take even longer than that. If bony intervention was also carried out, then you should expect minimal swelling for a year or two even longer than that. Dr.Khawaja has developed a number of Simplified Rhinoplasty techniques in local anesthesia. Swelling is either minimal or non-existent with these techniques and final swelling subsides in weeks as compared to months / years in case of conventional rhinoplasty. Results are excellent and there are no complications.


Khawaja’s 10 minute simple rhinoplasty under local anesthesia is exclusively available with us. If you have a long nose with a drooping nasal tip or a broad nose, you can benefit considerably from this state of the art rhinoplasty ( nose job ). The procedure is done totally under local anesthesia with no hospital stay. Results are excellent and guaranteed. Surgery is scar-less. There are no bandages and there are no stitches that need removal. It is a one time procedure and walk in walk out surgery. Results are permanent and there is either no swelling or very minimal swelling as compared to conventional rhinoplasty techniques.

Rhinoplasty Swelling

Swelling is quite normal in conventional closed / open rhinoplasty and may take weeks or months to subside. If bony skeleton of your nose was also sculptured, swelling can be considerably prolonged and can take 1 or 2 years to subside completely. Well this is the normal case. You can take anti-inflammatory enzyme preparations in consultation with your doctor to improve the swelling quickly, but even with these medicines, swelling is going to take a while to subside.

However, with our state of the art Simplified Rhinoplasty Techniques, swelling is minimal. Swelling subsides completely after 2-3 weeks after Khawaja’s Simnplified Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty, while in other cases final results are seen after weeks in Khawaja’s Simplified Rhinoplasty, as compared to months or years with conventional Rhinoplasty.

Simplified Rhinoplasty

Every year we receive large number of patients from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for cosmetic surgery. We have been performing rhinoplasty for over 25 years now, Several state of the art Rhinoplasty techniques have4 been pioneered by our cosmetic surgeon, Dr.H.A.Khawaja. like 3 D Rhinoplasty, Simplified Rhinoplasty, SNTL Rhinoplasty and others. These techniques have been extensively published in the form of articles and book chapters in leading cosmetic surgery journals and books; for example in Advanced Aesthetic Rhinoplasty – Springer Verlag, Simplified Cosmetic Surgery – Art Science and Practice, Simplified Aesthetic Surgery – Principles and Techniques etc. All rhinoplasties are performed by us totally safely under local anesthesia, swelling is minimal and final results come after days to weeks of your surgery as compared to conventional rhinoplasty where final results are seen months or years after surgery, and where procedure is done under general anesthesia and there is considerable bleeding. Our patient satisfaction rate is quite high after rhinoplasty. Charges can only be quoted after your internal and external nose examination. Please note we cannot quote any approximate charges without examination; however, we do provide a guarantee of patient safety and results with our state of the art rhinoplasty techniques.


Question: I have a long nose. I hate it. Can it be shortened without surgery ? Regards Peter, USA.

Dear Peter, if you have a long nose and want to shorten it, you can benefit tremendously from Khawaja’s Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty. The procedure takes only 5 minutes under local anesthesia, is scarless and totally painless. You see final results in just a few days as compared to conventional rhinoplasty, where swelling can last for months or even years. There is no bandage and no stitches. There is absolutely no bleeding during or after the procedure. You can go home comfortably after this procedure.


Dr. H. A. Khawaja
Specialist Plastic Surgeon.