Low Cost Hymenoplasty

Low cost Hymenoplasty is being offered by a number of clinics and individuals in Pakistan. We strongly advise patients not to be attracted by the low cost, since a number of such clinics have either poorly trained doctors or staff not familiar with proper hymenoplasty techniques. They try to do hymenoplasty by hook or by crook and patients get trapped by the low cost ! End results are either complications or failures. What a dilemma ! You should search thoroughly experience and qualifications of the surgeon performing hymenoplasty, the results through satisfied customers and various hymenoplasty techniques offered.

Hymenoplasty adds

Hymenoplasty adds have become a very common feature in Pakistan to attract patients. Mostly these adds attract patients offering low cost hymenoplasty. We advise patients not to be attracted by the low price! It is often a trap. Doctors and clinics performing low cost procedures are often either not trained or poorly trained and you can end up with either failure of hymenoplasty or severe complications. You should search thoroughly experience and qualifications of the cosmetic surgeon, who performs hymenoplasty. Patient satisfaction and referral by satisfied patients is a perfect way. You should not be attracted by low cost hymenoplasty adds. You should search extensively before undertaking this procedure, since a low cost can in the long run cost you much !

Hymenoplasty 70% Off

There is a special hymenoplasty discount for the month of Ramadan. Hymenoplasty is 70% off normal price. In order to avail this special discount, you need to book as soon as possible. There will be a totally free consultation during Ramadan. You can consult and have surgery immediately afterwards. You can call us for any more information on 03004699699 ( International : 00923004699699 )

Hymenoplasty Failure – Beware

We have recently received a number of patients who have been operated with a flap hymenoplasty. A thin membrane was created from one margin of vagina and a narrow hymen opening was created at the other end. While this not only leads to asymmetry of the hymen opening, the newly recreated membrane ruptured in a number of patients we saw recently in a few days after hymenoplasty or during the next periods, leading to a very wide gap and tears in the membrane. This lead to a very wide opening in the hymen and a narrow opening on one side. A number of ridges were seen going towards the small opening in the initial days before this rupture. In a number of patients, this rupture took place with normal or slow walking since this created a lot of stretch on the membrane with consequent rupture. While this is a technique, which can be easily detected by anyone aware of a little anatomy of this region, all hymenoplasties performed using this technique were un-successful. The attached pictures show the technique used and the consequent wide gap in hymen that took place even with no activity at all, leading to hymenoplasty failure.

We highly suggest all patients undergoing hymenoplasty to thoroughly search the competence of the surgeon and clinic performing this procedure. While it can cost you less, the outcome can be worse than before. If you need to arrange money, it is better to wait than to undergo faulty hymenoplasty techniques with worse outcomes.

Hymen widening after hymenoplasty

If any physical intervention was used, you used tampoons, bike riding, swimming, jogging, exercise putting stretch on the hymen and hard sex can all lead to widening of the hymen opening. If the original surgery was performed correctly, it happened in the post-operative period. In order to regain a virgin hymen, you surely need to have it again properly from a highly experienced hymenoplasty surgeon. There are a number of techniques used by surgeons, which can lead to widenin.

Khawajas 7-D Hymenoplasty

We are the world leaders and pioneers in Hymenoplasty Surgery. We offer state of the art Simplified Hymenoplasty, TSM Hymenoplasty, 3D Hymenoplasty, 7 D Hymenoplasty and other varieties of hymenoplasties tailored to individual patient needs. We have over 30 years of hymenoplasty experience and we receive patients worldwide for hymenoplasty. We have a 100 % success rate of hymenoplasty and using highly specialized techniques, you can conveniently fly back after your surgery. Results take around 3 weeks and are scarless. We offer you a perfect virgin hymen and bleeding on first sex after hymenoplasty. You can call us, contact us on face book Cosm Surg. You should not be having your periods at the time of your surgery. Best is to have it immediately after your periods are over, so that by the time your next periods come, your healing has taken place. If you are getting married, have it at least 4-6 months in advance or better still earlier. Welcome to CSSC International +, from where you leave with a peace of mind.


It would be best to have a check up from an experienced Hymenoplasty surgeon, if you want to be sure or want to have a re-hymenoplasty. If the stitches broke away so early and there is a wider gap in the hymen, which you must be aware of, then most probably you require a re-hymenoplasty to regain a perfect virgin hymen.

Bleeding after Hymenoplasty

Bleeding depends on the condition of the remaining hymen. It depends also how much hymen was removed in your surgery. If your remaining hymen after removal of the septum is nearly in a virgin state, it is likely that you will bleed on your first sex. However, if extra hymen that was removed has created a gap more than tip of the index finger, then you may or may not bleed. It is highly recommended that you clarify the situation with your concerned doctor.

With our hymenoplasties, we recreate a virgin hymen, perforated or non-perforated either with a single semi-lunar curve or double semi-lunar curves. All of these are varieties of the virgin hymen and we take extra care to incorporate bleeders going tangentially into the newly recreated hymen, so that when it perforates on first sex there is sure shot bleeding. Our virgin hymen and bleeding techniques are highly specific and we continue to achieve a 100 % success rate in this surgery with our tremendous experience and over 35 state of the art hymenoplasty techniques.

Simplified Hymenoplasty


Question: Dr.Khawaja, I have to ask somethging. It is so important for me. Does hymen gets ruptured with normal masturbation ??? I do masturbation with hand. Mostly I also insert fingers like 1 or 2 fingers inside vagina. Does this leads to breach of my virginity ??? I did not had sex with anyone. Please reply me must. I am very tense and worried because soon I will be getting married and my partner might think, I am not a virgin. Please help me. Thank you very much in advance.!!! – Sadia


Your question is very important. Yes, hymen gets ruptured like this. If you have been masturbating for a long time like months or years, and have been manipulating your hymen hard with insertion of fingers inside the vaginal canal, it surely leads to tears in the hymen and creation of hymen flaps. It is more or less the same thing like you are having sex. Any kind of manipulation can lead to rupture of hymen. Since now people are now very cautious in this regard and since a large number of divources take place due to the fact that you are not a virgin and you do not bleed on your wedding night, especially in a society where we live, where a girl is considered a virgin before her marriage, i strongly suggest, you should not take any kind of chances. Even if you never had sex with anyone, and you breach your hymen with masturbation, your partner will surely think that you had pre-marital sex.

You should contact us for hymenoplasty. It takes only 20 minutes under local anesthesia and you become safe. The final results come in some 3-4 weeks, but I strongly suggest that you have it well ahead of your marriage like 3-4 months in advance. We provide a 100 % surity to you for Virginity and Bleeding on first sex after hymenoplasty. The current cost of hymenoplasty is 70,000 Rs ( Simplified Hymenoplasty ) to 85,000-150,000 Rs ( TSM Hymenoplasty ).

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