Hymenoplasty Traps

Hymenoplasty Odyssey

Some girls searching desperately for hymenoplasty are tempted by low cost and unfortunately usually end up with either poor results, failures or complications, after undergoing hymen repair from these clinics or individuals. We continue to see hymenoplasty failures from untrained gynecologists and so called plastic surgeons. It is our moral and ethical responsibility to warn patients to be very careful. You should search thoroughly the doctor’s experience in hymenoplasty, his/her qualifications, the technique of hymenoplasty going to be used, the various techniques of hymenoplasty practised by the doctor and most importantly the satisfied patients, who were treated by the doctor for hymenoplasty. Recently we saw skin grafts taken from thighs and abdomen inserted into the hymen to replace the damaged hymen in 2 cases, by a gynecologist, with complete hymenoplasty failures. In other cases, we have seen unnatural odd looking flaps taken from the vaginal wall to replace the hymen. There was easy detectability in these cases and fake appearance of hymen, with multiple ridges over the flaps. What an Odyssey ?

We have been doing hymenoplasty for the last 30 years. Dr.H.A.Khawaja, MD, Specialist Plastic Surgeon has pioneered over 100 hymenoplasty techniques. At CSSC International, the hymenoplasties are not only successful, but guaranteed. There is guarantee of virgin hymen and bleeding on first sex after hymenoplasty. All of our hymenoplasties are scarless and undetectable. If you desire more bleeding on your wedding night, we have hymenoplasty techniques that lead to more bleeding on your wedding night. Final results of our hymenoplasty are seen in 10-14 days, with our latest state of the art hymenoplasties. We offer Simplified, TSM, 3D, 7D,Ultra 7D, Millennium and other hymenoplasties.

Low Cost Hymenoplasty

A number of clinics and individuals in Pakistan are offering low cost hymenoplasty. There are clinics in Pakistan, where doctors and lay people are trying to do hymenoplasty. This includes several gynecologists as well. They are trying to do hymenoplasty by hook or crook. Patients have reported to us with hymenoplasty failures after insertion of skin grafts and fascia in place of worn off hymen, unnatural vaginal flaps, artificial hymens and other techniques. There have been severe complications in these cases, apart from hymenoplasty failures and worsening of the existing hymen. We would like to remind all searching for hymenoplasty, not to be attracted by low cost. It can have severe physical and emotional consequences.

Dr.Khawaja, Plastic Surgeon, has been doing hymenoplasty for the last 30 years. We offer highly specialized hymenoplasties, tailored to individual patient needs. You get peace of mind with us. There is guarantee of results. There is guarantee of virgin hymen and bleeding on first sex after hymenoplasty. There are no complications, no failures and with a success rate of 100%, you are completely safe with us. Final results are seen as soon as 10 days to 2 weeks after hymenoplasty. You are welcome to contact us for more information.

Beware-Cheap Hymenoplasty

This has come to our knowledge that a number of clinics, doctors and even unqualified and untrained persons are doing hymenoplasty in Pakistan. While, you may be attracted by the advertisement like google adds and low cost, we strongly suggest all girls considering hymenoplasty, not to be distracted by low cost surgery. You should check thoroughly qualifications and experience of the surgeon performing hymenoplasty, the various hymenoplasty techniques offered, the results obtained and any possible complications. We continue to see a number of problems and complications of low cost hymenoplasty. These include unnatural appearance of hymen, hymen folds and fissures, hymen flaps, rupture of hymen few days after surgery, excessive scarring, excessive widening of the vaginal canal, disappearance of hymen, infection and others. All these lead to dissatisfaction, disappointment and divource as the final outcome if you are getting married.

CSSC International + offers state of the art hymenoplasty techniques with guarantee of results. With over 30 years of hymenoplasty experience, having pioneered large number of hymenoplasty techniques, we have 0% complication rate and 100% success rate of all hymenoplasties. There are no failures with us and we offer you the best hymenoplasty which is not only scarless, undetectable but with guarantee of results after as soon as 10 days of surgery. There is guaranteeof virgin hymen and bleeding on first sex after hymenoplasty. We advise you strongly to beware of cheap hymenoplasty practices. Dont save money, save yourself !

Hymenoplasty Traps

We strongly advise patients to beware of the ” HYMENOPLASTY TRAPS”. Patients should not be trapped by unnecessary advertising on the internet about hymenoplasty, bleeding capsules, artificial hymens etc. Moreover, large number of faulty hymenoplasty techniques are in practise, which not only lead to hymenoplasty failure, but also cause great emotional and psychological impact on the minds of patients and breaking up of marriages and divource as the final outcome. These faulty techniques lead to widening of the vaginal canal opening with breaking of stitches few days after hymenoplasty, unnatural appearance of the hymen with easy detectability, scarring of the vagina and hymen and folds and fissures around the hymen, which anyone can see as an aftermath of operation. We have been doing hymenoplasty for over 30 years now and with extensive experience in this arena with world wide practice of hymenoplasty and vaginal tightening, we developed “PERFECT HYMENOPLASTY TECHNIQUES WITH NO FAILURES”. These include Simplified, TSM, Advanced TSM, 3 D, 7 D & Ultra 7 D Hymenoplasties. There are no failures in any of these hymenoplasties, however, there are differences in the hymen membrane, strength of hymen, technique of insertion and long lasting results. You should contact us on phone or Whatsapp for any more information or appointment.

Dr. H. A. Khawaja
Specialist Plastic Surgeon.