3-D Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Qualifications

When you plan to undergo cosmetic surgery, is it not essential that you check the doctor’s qualifications in cosmetic surgery ? Doctors qualified as FCPS ( Plastic Surgery ) and FRCS ( General Surgery ), are Plastic Surgeons ( reconstructive and burn surgeons ) and general surgeons, respectively. If they undergo additional short courses or attend seminars in cosmetic surgery, they do not become cosmetic surgeons. FCPS ( plastic surgery ) and FRCS ( Plast ) UK, includes little or none cosmetic surgery in their curriculum, so how come these surgeons become experts in cosmetic surgery ? Large number of cosmetic surgery complications take place in the hands of these surgeons, who do not receive proper long term training in cosmetic surgery, are not certified by recognized cosmetic surgery boards, like The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, and try to do cosmetic surgery by hook or by crook, which assumes a major part of their practices soon after they graduate as plastic surgeons. Plastic Surgeons, who receive certification in Cosmetic Surgery from The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, after undergoing long term training programs and Fellowships in Cosmetic Surgery, are the best providers of Cosmetic Surgery Services.

Hassan Khawaja, MBBS, MD,

Diploma Approved By:

American Board of Cosmetic Surgery

Specialist European Plastic Surgeon.

Diploma Dermatologic Surgery: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Co-Founder: Meso-American Academy Of Cosmetic Surgery

Editor: Meso-American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery on-line ( msaacs.org )

Non-Invasive Face lift

You require Khawajas Simplified Face lift, permanant correction of the nasolabial folds with Swiss Threads, upper and lower eyelid Khawajas Non-Swelling blepharoplasty and neck lift. These procedures are performed as out-patient surgeries with no hospital stay. Results are excellent with no complications. You look much younger and your skin becomes tighter. Your stitches are extremely fine and are removed between 4-7 days. The fine scars fade completely after a few weeks of using our scar removal formula.

Simplified Rhinoplasty & Otoplasty

We are based at Lahore, Pakistan. There are several flights also direct from UK to Lahore. We do rhinoplasty and otoplasty totally under local anesthesia as walk in walk out surgeries. After overnight stay at our clinic, you can take the next flight back to UK. With our highly specialized rhinoplasty and otoplasty techniques in local anesthesia, there is minor swelling, no bandages and no stitches ( in case of Rhinoplasty ). Final results are seen in weeks as compared to conventional techniques where you need to wait for months or years for seeing the final results. Otoplasty results are seen best after 1 week.

Scarless Butt Lift

We use Khawajas Quick Fat Transfer, Swiss Threads or Gold Threads for Khawajas Simplified Brazilian Butt Lift. The procedure is done totally under local anesthesia with no hospital stay. Results are excellent and there are no complications. Swelling is very minor. You can safely travel abroad, the very next day of surgery. We provide free overnight stay to our International patients. We are based at Lahore, which is very close to Dubai. It takes only 2 hours ( direct flight from Dubai International Airport to Allama Iqbal International Airport ). There are several direct flights daily.

Non-Swelling Blepharoplasty & Non-Surgical Face Lift

You can have Khawaja’s Non-Swelling Blepharoplasty ( upper and lower lids ) from us and the Non-Surgical Face Lift. Both procedures can be done in a few hours and it will be walk in walk out surgery at our clinic , CSSC International + at Lahore, Pakistan. Your eyelid stitches will be out after 4 days and there will be no stitches elsewhere on face, so recovery will be quite rapid. Please schedule a detailed consultation appointment with us. However, if you are coming from abroad, you can call us.

Anti-Aging Procedures

There is no age limit for anti-aging procedures. There are large number of minimally invasive techniques, like peels, Thread Face Lift, Thread Forehead Lift, Khawajas Non-Swelling Eyelid Surgery, Swiss Thread Lift, Gold Thread Lift, Delta Lift, Transcutaneous Face Lift, Percutaneous Eyebrow Lift etc. These techniques have been developed by Dr.Khawaja, Cosmetic Surgeon, who is the pioneer of Simplified Cosmetic Surgery in the world. It is best that you come for a personal consultation. However, if you are abroad, you can also send us your pictures on WhatsApp or Viber and we can let you know details.

3-D Cosmetic Surgery

Rhinoplasty, brow and lip lift are performed at our clinic as walk in walk out surgeries. It would be best that you send us your pictures and we can let you know details. You can send us pictures on WhatsApp or Viber or via E-mail. These procedures are performed totally under local anesthesia with no hospital stay. Results are highly desirable with minor or no complications. These procedures are performed using Khawajas 3-D techniques.

Buccal Fat Removal & Rhinoplasty

You can have buccal fat pad removal and Rhinoplasty from us. Both procedures are done in local anesthesia with no hospital stay. There are some options for buccal fat pad removal and a number of options concerning Rhinoplasty. We can guide you best after seeing your photos or after a personal consultation. You can send pictures on WhatsApp or e-mail and we can let you know details about cost and procedure. Results are highly desirable and there are no complications in our safe hands.

Lip Augmentation

The results of fat injection in the lips can be very variable ranging from 0% to 80% survival of fat. It depend on a number of factors, including the type of fat injected, the amount of fat, the tye of cannula used for harvesting fat, the type of cannula used for fat transfer, handling of fat, anatomical factors related to lip and other factors, including very importantly the skill and experience of the surgeon and the technique of fat transfer.
We use Khawajas Permanent Lip Filler in a number of patients. The results are long lasting and permanent and lip enhancement can be achieved according to your desires, with no stitches or incisions. The procedure takes only 10 minutes in local anesthesia.

Dr. H. A. Khawaja
Specialist Plastic Surgeon.