Simplified Cancer Research

Simplified Cancer Research

CSSC International + is doing extensive cancer research on all types of cancer. We are sure, with the help of GOD ALMIGHTY, we will be able to make possible, what is currently impossible. Whatever diseases and ailments are in this world, GOD -THE MOST MERCIFUL, has also supplied us with the cure. We only need to look more deeper, do more research to reach the cure of all diseases including cancer.

H.A.Khawaja, MD, Specialist Plastic Surgeon.

Simplified Breast Cancer Surgery

Simplified Breast Cancer Surgery is done by us in tumescent local anesthesia using Khawaja’s techniques, as walk in walk out surgery. There is minimal or no bleeding and recovery is quick. No drains are used post-operatively as in conventional breast surgery. You are mobile immediately after your surgery. You come next day for a check up. After that, you are advised to come after a week. Stitches are taken out in about 2-3 weeks.

Double Hymenoplasty

Double Hymenoplasty is performed by us in those cases, where patient desires extra security against rupture. After double hymenoplasty, hymen becomes extra strong and does not rupture with normal activities like cycling or running like normal hymen. A strong membrane is inserted and secured using TSM ( Tripple Safety Mechanism ) Technique. Final results are seen in about 3 weeks, the hymen is very strong and only ruptures with penetration. Results are Guaranteed, with guarantee of virgin hymen and bleeding on first sex after hymenoplasty.

Scarless Tummy Tuck

Scarless Tummy Tuck is performed by us using Khawaja’s Tumescent local anesthesia as walk in walk out surgery. As compared to conventional tummy tuck, where there is a long scar, there are no scars in case of scarless tummy tuck and abdomen is lifted and tightening takes place. In order to further improve the skin, we at times add Golden Peel sessions alongwith Scarless Tummy Tuck. There are no complications, results are Excellent and with a very high patient satisfaction rate.

White Peels

White Peels have been used by us for over 30 years now for facial rejuvenation, skin whitening, acne and scars removal, for removal of skin pigmentation and melasma and for removal of fine lines and wrinkles and for facial tightening. Repeated sessions usually lead to a youthful appearance of skin, lightening of skin color and smoothness of skin, apart from removing blemishes and scars.

Simplified Laser Hair Removal

Simplified permanent laser hair removal is performed at CSSC International +, using state of the art techniques and instruments. The hair removal sessions are quick and last only a few mionutes, 15 minutes for legs or bikini areas or abdomen or back and 7 minutes for face. The sessions are usually performed twice a month and there is considerable reduction of hair after 3 months. Thereafter, gap between sessions is prolonged and finally after 12-16 months, most people become hair free and hair removal becomes permanent.

Laser Hair Removal

Permanent Laser Hair Removal is performed using state of the art techniques and instruments at CSSC International +. Dr.H.A.Khawaja, MD, Specialist Plastic Surgeon, developed the Permanent Hair Removal Surgery, several years ago, which was published in The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery: Superficial Liposuction for Permanent Hair Removal and we have also perfected the art of Laser Hair Removal. You can have safe and effective facial and body permanent laser hair removal with us, without any possible side effects. There is progressive reduction of hairs with every session and you get finally silky smooth permanent hair free skin.

Quick Bat Ear Correction

Quick Bat Ear correction is a special technique of correction of Bat ( Prominent ) Ears, which is done in local anesthesia as walk in walk out surgery. The cartilage of ears is remodeled and ears assume a normal appearance. There are no complications. The scar is in the fold and undetectable. Results are Excellent and Guaranteed.

Best Hymenoplasty

We offer Best Hymenoplasty services at CSSC International +. Dr.H.A.Khawaja, Specialist Plastic Surgeon, has pioneered over 100 different hymenoplasty techniques. With over 30 years of hymenoplasty experience, we offer you safe and successful hymenoplasty with 100% guarantee of results. There is guarantee of virgin hymen and bleeding on first sex after hymenoplasty. If you desire more bleeding on your wedding night, we have a number of hymenoplasties tailored to individual patient needs which lead to more bleeding on your wedding night.

Dr. H. A. Khawaja
Specialist Plastic Surgeon.