3D Rhinoplasty

3D Rhinoplasty

3D Rhinoplasty is a state of the art technique pioneered by Dr.H.A.Khawaja, MD, Specialist Plastic Surgeon. the technique takes only 10-15 minutes in local anesthesia. There is minor or no swelling depending on the type of rhinoplasty done. It is suitable for correction of long nose, broad nose, lifting the nasal tip and correction of nasal hump / broad nasal bones. It is done as walk in walk out surgery. There are no bandages. There is no bleeding and in large number of cases, no stitches as well. As compared to conventional rhinoplasty, which is generally done in general anesthesia, and recovery takes several months to years; 3D Rhinoplasty is one of the quickest Rhinoplasty techniques known. Final recovery is generally complete in a few weeks and you can go back to work after 1-2 days of surgery.

Chymotrypsin for Impotence & Sex Drive

Meso-American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery ( msaacs.org ) Vol 10: No 3

Chymotrypsin and trypsin, the commonly used anti-inflammatory enzyme preparations, have been studied by us for 20 years, from 1997 to 2017 as a potent anti-inflammatory drugs. We have used this combination drug, extensively after liposuctions, fat transfers, face-lifts, blepharoplasties, rhinoplasties and for other cosmetic and reconstructive procedures to subside the inflammation and reduce the swelling associated with it. Though the reduction of inflammation and swelling of various procedures, not only occured with consistence, but without any undesirable effects even after use for few months ( 2-3 months or more ). However, one of the highly desirable effects that the patients started reporting, both males and females was intense erection and a very high sex drive even after use for 1-2 weeks or more. Therefore, we started studying it as a potent drug for impotence correction in males and for sex drive improvement in both males and females. Our research shows a very high patient satisfaction rate after use of the combination drug for sex drive and impotence in both males and females. 

Hassan Khawaja, MD, Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Ali Zoraiz Hassan Research Student CSSC International +

Enrique Hernandez-Perez, MD, American Board of Cosmetic Surgery

Khawaja-Zoraiz Theory of Immortality

Aging and programmed cell death occurs as a result of telomeres getting shorter and shorter after every cell division, until finally to the point of no return when the cell disintegrates and dies. ” Telomerase”, the enzyme responsible for maintaining telomeres from getting shorter is present in only certain types of cells including cancer cells. Dr.H.A.Khawaja, MD, Specialist Plastic Surgeon and Ali Zoraiz Hassan, Research Student CSSC International +, have for the first time described a kind of “Telomerase”, which can maintain telomeres in all human cells. They have described the ways of taking this “Telomerase”. Human cells can become “Immortal” and death can be prevented – Khawaja-Zoraiz Theory of Immortality. This has been recently published on-line in The Meso-American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery ( msaacs.org ).

Low Cost Hymenoplasty

Low cost Hymenoplasty is being offered by a number of clinics and individuals in Pakistan. We strongly advise patients not to be attracted by the low cost, since a number of such clinics have either poorly trained doctors or staff not familiar with proper hymenoplasty techniques. They try to do hymenoplasty by hook or by crook and patients get trapped by the low cost ! End results are either complications or failures. What a dilemma ! You should search thoroughly experience and qualifications of the surgeon performing hymenoplasty, the results through satisfied customers and various hymenoplasty techniques offered.

IPL Hair Removal

Intense Pulsed Light ( IPL ), has been used by us for decades. We have used IPL at our clinic in San Salvador, near Miami, FL for over 2 decades now. In Pakistan, we use latest IPL to get rid of facial and body hairs of females and males. Different techniques , intensities and modes are used for different areas. The hair removal is permanent after some sessions and there are no complications in our safe hands.

Khawaja’s Endoscopic Permanent Hair Removal with IPL

Dr.H.A.Khawaja, MD, Specialist Plastic Surgeon has developed the endoscopic permanent hair removal surgery in which hair roots are extracted without surgery. There are no cuts and hairs are removed using a micro-incision 1-2 mm. It has been published extensively in the form of articles in The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and in books like Simplified Cosmetic Surgery & Simplified Aesthetic Surgery. We employ this technique in areas, where there is more density of hairs. We usually combine IPL ( Intense Pulsed Light ) treatments post-operatively to get rid of the remaining hairs permanently.

Hymenoplasty adds

Hymenoplasty adds have become a very common feature in Pakistan to attract patients. Mostly these adds attract patients offering low cost hymenoplasty. We advise patients not to be attracted by the low price! It is often a trap. Doctors and clinics performing low cost procedures are often either not trained or poorly trained and you can end up with either failure of hymenoplasty or severe complications. You should search thoroughly experience and qualifications of the cosmetic surgeon, who performs hymenoplasty. Patient satisfaction and referral by satisfied patients is a perfect way. You should not be attracted by low cost hymenoplasty adds. You should search extensively before undertaking this procedure, since a low cost can in the long run cost you much !

Hymenoplasty Symphony

Hymenoplasty Symphony has been practised by us for over 30 years. Dr.H.A.Khawaja, MD, Specialist Plastic Surgeon, created and perfected this art from simplified hymenoplasty to Ultra 7D hymenoplasty. With a 100% success rate and guarantee of virginty, guarantee of bleeding on your wedding night, scarless undetectable hymenoplasty, you get a perfect hymenoplasty from us according to your needs. There are simply no failures and no complications.

Hymenoplasty Odyssey

Some girls searching desperately for hymenoplasty are tempted by low cost and unfortunately usually end up with either poor results, failures or complications, after undergoing hymen repair from these clinics or individuals. We continue to see hymenoplasty failures from untrained gynecologists and so called plastic surgeons. It is our moral and ethical responsibility to warn patients to be very careful. You should search thoroughly the doctor’s experience in hymenoplasty, his/her qualifications, the technique of hymenoplasty going to be used, the various techniques of hymenoplasty practised by the doctor and most importantly the satisfied patients, who were treated by the doctor for hymenoplasty. Recently we saw skin grafts taken from thighs and abdomen inserted into the hymen to replace the damaged hymen in 2 cases, by a gynecologist, with complete hymenoplasty failures. In other cases, we have seen unnatural odd looking flaps taken from the vaginal wall to replace the hymen. There was easy detectability in these cases and fake appearance of hymen, with multiple ridges over the flaps. What an Odyssey ?

We have been doing hymenoplasty for the last 30 years. Dr.H.A.Khawaja, MD, Specialist Plastic Surgeon has pioneered over 100 hymenoplasty techniques. At CSSC International, the hymenoplasties are not only successful, but guaranteed. There is guarantee of virgin hymen and bleeding on first sex after hymenoplasty. All of our hymenoplasties are scarless and undetectable. If you desire more bleeding on your wedding night, we have hymenoplasty techniques that lead to more bleeding on your wedding night. Final results of our hymenoplasty are seen in 10-14 days, with our latest state of the art hymenoplasties. We offer Simplified, TSM, 3D, 7D,Ultra 7D, Millennium and other hymenoplasties.

Cancer Research

At CSSC International +, we are doing extensive research on cancer cure and treatment especially. The research is being taken on a private self financed basis. The cure and treatment of various types of cancers is being studied in depth. We are not only hopeful, but sure that, with the help of GOD ALMIGHTY, we will be able to find the cure of cancer.

Dr. H. A. Khawaja
Specialist Plastic Surgeon.