3D Rhinoplasty

3D Rhinoplasty

3D Rhinoplasty is a state of the art technique pioneered by Dr.H.A.Khawaja, MD, Specialist Plastic Surgeon. the technique takes only 10-15 minutes in local anesthesia. There is minor or no swelling depending on the type of rhinoplasty done. It is suitable for correction of long nose, broad nose, lifting the nasal tip and correction of nasal hump / broad nasal bones. It is done as walk in walk out surgery. There are no bandages. There is no bleeding and in large number of cases, no stitches as well. As compared to conventional rhinoplasty, which is generally done in general anesthesia, and recovery takes several months to years; 3D Rhinoplasty is one of the quickest Rhinoplasty techniques known. Final recovery is generally complete in a few weeks and you can go back to work after 1-2 days of surgery.

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Dr. H. A. Khawaja
Specialist Plastic Surgeon.