Simplified Face Lifts

Simplified Face Lifts

We have been performing Face Lift for over 30 years. Our state of the art pioneer face lift techniques are: Delta Lift, Transcutaneous Face Lift, Simplified S-Lift, Simplified Thread Lifts, Khawajas Simplified Swiss Thread Face lift, Khawajas Simplified Gold Thread Face Lift, Silk Lift and others. Face lift surgery involves tightening of your skin and facial muscles, with correction of your smile lines, removal of all loose skin, correction of double chin and alike procedures. Your face looks much younger and your skin becomes tighter. You get rid of wrinkles and laxity. Results are excellent and guaranteed. There are no complications in our safe hands. It is walk in walk out surgery at our clinic. There is no bleeding and no hospital stay. It is best that you consult us in person and have a check up or detailed discussion about the procedure. If you are from abroad, you can also send us your clear front and side view pictures of face and neck and we can let you know details about your face lift and the exact cost.

Khawaja’s Permanent Wrinkle Filler

After Botox, you can no longer furrow your brows, since the muscles are paralyzed. We use Khawajas permanent filler for wrinkles on forehead and in the glabellar areas. With these, you get rid of your wrinkles permanently while you can still furrow your brows and use your other forehead muscles as well. The procedure takes only 10-20 minutes under local anesthesia, the results are excellent and permanent with no complications.

Simplified Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal Tightening surgery is performed by us totally under Khawajas Vaginoplasty local anesthesia. Using highly specialized techniques and instruments, this procedure is done in only 20 minutes as walk in walk out surgery. There is no bleeding and no complications. Results are excellent. You achieve perfect vaginal canal narrowing according to your wishes. You can surely go home after 1 hour. You do not need to come back for stitch removal. Final results are seen after 3-4 weeks. The current cost of Khawajas Simplified Vaginal Tightening is 7000 Euros. If you are interested in our highly specialized 3-D & 7-D VAGINAL TIGHTENING, you should contact us and we can let you know details and benefits of these procedures.

Simplified Rhinoplasty & Otoplasty

We are based at Lahore, Pakistan. There are several flights also direct from UK to Lahore. We do rhinoplasty and otoplasty totally under local anesthesia as walk in walk out surgeries. After overnight stay at our clinic, you can take the next flight back to UK. With our highly specialized rhinoplasty and otoplasty techniques in local anesthesia, there is minor swelling, no bandages and no stitches ( in case of Rhinoplasty ). Final results are seen in weeks as compared to conventional techniques where you need to wait for months or years for seeing the final results. Otoplasty results are seen best after 1 week.

Simplified Liposuction

You can get excellent results from Liposuction, if performed correctly. We use Khawajas Simplified Liposuction and LIposculpture using Khawajas Cannulas, to achieve the finest results. It takes only 2-3 hours under tumescent local anesthesia and you can travel the very next day after overnight stay. Results are not only excellent but guaranteed. We have been performing liposuction for 30 years and there are no complications in our safe hands.

Scarless Butt Lift

We use Khawajas Quick Fat Transfer, Swiss Threads or Gold Threads for Khawajas Simplified Brazilian Butt Lift. The procedure is done totally under local anesthesia with no hospital stay. Results are excellent and there are no complications. Swelling is very minor. You can safely travel abroad, the very next day of surgery. We provide free overnight stay to our International patients. We are based at Lahore, which is very close to Dubai. It takes only 2 hours ( direct flight from Dubai International Airport to Allama Iqbal International Airport ). There are several direct flights daily.

Simplified Rhinoplasty

We do not use bandage tapes or casts after nose surgery. We use Nose Surgery totally under local anesthesia, is walk in walk out surgery at our clinic, there is minor or no swelling as compared to conventional techniques, the techniques are suture-less and we do not use bandages or casts after Rhinoplasty. Our highly specialized Rhinoplasty techniques include Khawajas Simplified Rhinoplasty, Transcutaneous Rhinoplasty, SNTL Rhinoplasty and others. Complications are either minor or non-existent.

Simplified Face Lifts

What kind of face lift is suitable for you, can only be clarified after seeing your pictures. If you don’t have much sagging of skin, you can have Khawaja’s Quick Face Lift or Khawaja’s Transcutaneous Face lift or a Thread Face Lift. However, if you have more sagging of skin, then Khawaja’s SMAFS 4-D Face Lift is the best available face lift. Results of this face lift last for 15-20 years or more.

Cosmetic Surgery Warning

People are generally unaware of the fact that Cosmetic Surgery is a specialty itself and usually the plastic surgeons who practice it the most, are generally not trained well enough in cosmetic surgery procedures. For example, plastic surgeons, who have done FCPS ( plastic surgery ) from Pakistan or FRCS ( Plast ) from UK – Just search their curriculum. Cosmetic Surgery includes only a little portion 10% of the curriculum of FRCS ( plast ) UK and little or none in case of FCPS ( plast ). These surgeons receive their primary training in Reconstruction and Burns in Government hospitals, where they practice “NO COSMETIC SURGERY”.

However, as soon as they qualify, general public considers them as the best providers of Cosmetic Surgery, which is a misconception in the public. Eager to learn cosmetic surgery, which assumes a major part of the private practice of these surgeons, they learn usually via short training courses, observing some cosmetic surgery procedures, via videos and cosmetic surgery books.

Since adequate long term training in cosmetic surgery is lacking, so a number of these surgeons, provide inadequate cosmetic surgery services to patients, ending up either with complications or poor aesthetic results.

It is highly advisable to all considering cosmetic surgery to go to properly qualified cosmetic surgeons. The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery is the only certifying Cosmetic Surgery Board which has strict criteria for certifying cosmetic surgeons, who have been trained considerably in cosmetic surgery. Diplomas approved by American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and Fellowships approved by this board and by The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery are the best resources for Cosmetic Surgery training and certification.

Please make sure, you go to a properly qualified Cosmetic Surgeon.

H,A.Khawaja, MD
Diploma Approved By:
American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.
Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. H. A. Khawaja
Specialist Plastic Surgeon.